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a funny story...

here is a story that i wrote for my night school class about a year ago...

The Washer Incident
One day I was home alone. I wanted to do something to help out my mom. ‘But what was I to do?’ I questioned myself.
As I sat on the couch eating more then my stomach could handle and watching the television. As I was about to eat another chip an interesting thought jumped into my brain. ‘Why don’t I do a load of laundry?’ I got enough courage to turn of the television. When I was about to hit the off button on the remote….’SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS’ came on. “Oh this is such a good show too! But I want to help my mom out.”
I was about to sit back down, when another thought jumped into my pee-sized shape brain. ‘I’ll turn up the television loud enough so I can hear it and do the laundry at the same time.’ So I did just as my brain told me to, then I was able to do my load of laundry for my mom.
As I went over into the laundry room I realize that there was something in the washer. ‘But what?’ I was scared to peak, but I had to do it anyways. As I opened the lid to peak it inside, the lid flung it’s self open with a loud bang. It swallowed me whole. “AHHHH…” I screamed, then I remembered no one was home but the television was still on.
Four hour and cramped legs later, I heard the door knob turn. Finally my rescue had come my mom. “Megan, Megan” she hollered for me, I tried to answer but she couldn’t hear me over the television. “Damn her. She left the TV on again, while going upstairs to sleep.” As my mom went into the bathroom on the on the other side of the house, I thought for a millisecond of a minute, ‘I wonder of she will hear me if I bang on the lid of the washer.’ I did just as the thought came to me, I banged so hard until my fists hurt. I finally heard my mom come over to the washer.
“Mom its me!” I yelled so loud so she could hear me. “Megan are you in the washer?”
“Yes it’s me I am in the washer. Help me mom let me out!”
“Sorry honey I can’t help you. Once the washer eats someone, they don’t come out. I love you, but I can’t help you. Do you understand me?”
“Yes mom I understand. Can you at least put some food in so I can eat?”
“Yes I will.”
Now every time the washer is turned on, you can hear me say ‘let me out!’

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